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OpenTTCN Tester 2012 Tour

Introductory Tour to OpenTTCN Features

OpenTTCN Tester 2012 version 4.2.5 was released on July 6, 2012


New features include:

  • Added support for string manipulation functions,
  • Added support for math functions,
  • Added support for ISO 8601 date and time functions,
  • Added support for integrating user test result files with the test campaign report produced, and
  • Improvements and bug fixes.


Coming Soon

OpenTTCN is currently working on new dynamic C# codec component for aligned PER that can be used to implement test system for various 3G WCDMA and LTE protocols such as RRC, NBAP, RANAP, RNSAP, S1AP, X2AP, etc using BASIC-PER aligned transfer syntax. Support for unaligned PER has been already completed and will be available at the same time. OpenTTCN has similar codec components for ASN.1 BER and DER transfer syntaxes.


OpenTTCN Tester 2012

OpenTTCN Tester 2012 is a sophisticated TTCN-3 editing, test execution, debugging, and visualization, analysis, and test automation tool. OpenTTCN Tester 2012 can be used to build in-house test systems based on standardized TTCN-3 and TTCN-2 testing languages and ASN.1, XML Schema, and CORBA IDL data description languages.

OpenTTCN Tester 2012 is intended for test automation of black-box functional testing of reactive systems and for use with publicly available TTCN-3 test suites, for example, for LTE, IMS, WiMAX, and automotive.

OpenTTCN Tester 2012 is available in three editions, standard, professional, and enterprise, allowing selection of a tool with the features that you need.

OpenTTCN uses industry standards and provisioning of open interfaces between the components of the product and the user supplied parts. This enables easy integration of OpenTTCN with existing test equipment, test management software, communication protocol libraries, device drivers, and other software tools.

With our training and technical support services you can assure the seamless test system implementation in your organization and enhance the TTCN-3 knowledge within your company.


  • All-in-one solution for your TTCN-3 testing needs. OpenTTCN Tester 2012 bundles comprehensive set of TTCN-3 development tools to one package allowing test editing, compilation, debugging, execution, visualization and result analysis as well as adapter development in ANSI C, Java, C#, and C++.
  • Super fast TTCN-3 compiler with fast re-compilation of complete large test suites allows interruption free edit-compile-execute development workflow.
  • Ready for wireless, LTE, automotive domains supporting the latest requirements of these domains including support for the very latest TTCN-3 version 4.3.1 features.
  • Includes both a modern graphical user interface and a powerful set of command-line tools.
  • Modular design which allows easily mixing adapters written in different languages. For example, you can write performance-critical system adapter in C++ or C and external functions more conveniently in Java or C#, and mix all these in the same test system.
  • All developer support for customers with active software maintenance is handled by engineers familiar with the tool. No call centers or ticket systems.


  • Test Management GUI and TTCN-3 Editor,
  • Test Report as an easy index for test results in the test logs (new),
  • Super fast TTCN-3 compiler (new),
  • Graphical TTCN-3 GFT Log Viewer,
  • TTCN-3 Debugger,
  • XML Schema to TTCN-3 Converter (validate with multiple industry standard and proprietary protocols),
  • ASN.1 Compiler and dynamic ASN.1 PER (unaligned) Codec, BER/DER (new) Codec,
  • Standard Direct Encoding Codec for bit protocols,
  • TTCN-3 adapter SDKs supporting TRI, TCI-CD, and TCI-TM interfaces for developing TTCN-3 adapters,
  • Adapter Distribution Framework (ADF, OpenTTCN DI) (new), and
  • OpenTTCN command-line tools for scripting.

Adapter Software Development Kits (TRI/TCI)

  • ANSI C,
  • Java (all Java implementation without need for native code),
  • C# / .NET Framework 3.5 (compatible with both .NET and Mono tools), and
  • C++.

Operating Systems Support

  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, and
  • Linux.

Options (licensed separately)

  • TTCN-2 compiler,
  • TTCN-2 to TTCN-3 translator,
  • CORBA IDL Testing Toolkit, and
  • SIP Adapter Add-on.


OpenTTCN Tester 2012 is offered in three editions:

  • Standard Edition - including support for TTCN-3 and XML Schema, local adapters, and
  • Professional Edition - including support for TTCN-3, XML Schema, and ASN.1, and ASN.1 PER, BER, and DER codecs, local and remote adapters,
  • Enterprise Edition - the above features + TTCN-2 and CORBA testing options, automatic start-up of geographically distributed adapters, and option for custom component development.


Node-locked and concurrent-use (floating) licensing models are available. Site and volume licensing options also exist, please contact OpenTTCN sales for details (sales at openttcn.fi).

For customers using TTCN-2 test suites, OpenTTCN is still maintaining and offering TTCN-2 compiler as an option. Alternatively, TTCN-2 to TTCN-3 converter is available.

View or download OpenTTCN Tester 2012 Data Sheet here.

For more information contact OpenTTCN Sales ( sales at openttcn dot fi ).